Our Purpose

Mission: Our goal is to connect young men to be prepared for further education, build personal character, train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, develop personal fitness, make healthy choices and be inspired to lead  lives of humility, with a dedication to serving others.

Vision: The Gentlemen’s Round Table creates a community of people who support young men in their quest to stand together and serve others while developing their own interpersonal and leadership skills.

We’ve all taken the following pledge:

“As a member of the Gentlemen’s Round Table I freely accept and take a pledge of Non-Violence for our school. This means that I will be responsible for not getting involved in fights, arguments or any type of action that might provoke a negative response from another individual (s). I will with respect toward others try to resolve the problem without taking sides and I will try my best to resolve arguments as not to impose a negative attitude on my daily encounters with others. I will treat everyone I encounter with respect and dignity regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. I will not participate in name-calling or bullying. I will seek the help of fellow members to assist me in fulfilling my pledge. This is my pledge as a Gentleman.”